Preparing for an Auto Auction May Be the Most Important Thing You Can Do…


You are eager to participate in a public auto auction near Milwaukee, WI because you want to take advantage of the wholesale prices of the cars. You can score a huge bargain, but you have to be certain that you are up to the challenge. While car auctions are not rocket science, they require proper preparation on your part. The following advice will help you immensely with this.

used Mercedes at an auto auction in Milwaukee, WI

1. Get the maximum possible amount of information in advance.


While it’s great to come across details about a public auto auction near Milwaukee, WI and just go along with the flow, it pays off to be proactive and search for such events. This is a better tactic because many of the auctions are themed. For instance, there are ones especially for muscle cars or pickup trucks. Such specialized events give you the chance to buy a unique car to drive in Milwaukee and the surrounding area.


Once you’ve found an auction that you want to attend, read the catalogue for it which should be readily available. This will give you the chance to explore all models in as much detail as necessary and pinpoint the ones which you will bid on. Generally, you will benefit from narrowing down your options as you will have fewer cars to inspect at the actual public auto auction near Milwaukee, WI.


2. Do the math to come up with a precise auto auction budget.


When calculating your budget, you should include the buyer’s premium which is a standard type of fee charged at car auctions not only in the Milwaukee, WI area, but everywhere. Remember to add the sales tax and the cost of transporting your new vehicle too. These numbers will help you to determine the highest bid that you can place on a car. It’s crucial that you don’t go above it.


3. Bring the right companion along with you to the Milwaukee auto auction.


Unless you are a seasoned car buyer who has been to more than one public auto auction near Milwaukee, WI, you should definitely have a helper with you. Ideally, this person should have rich and diverse knowledge in cars and in the buying process too. It’s best to pick someone who can spot potential issues just by looking at a vehicle and who can run a detailed evaluation based on codes and ownership history. Simply put, you should bring an expert along. Ideally, this person should be impartial too.


It’s a mistake to bring someone like your partner or a friend to the public auto auction near Milwaukee, WI just for the sake of having some company. Unless the person is a dedicated helper, he or she may simply get in the way and prevent you from taking the right actions and decisions. Remember that you have to be highly attentive and alert when participating in an auction.


4. Ensure that you won’t be late to the bidding.


The traffic in the local area can often be a nightmare so it makes sense to plan your trip to the public auto auction near Milwaukee, WI carefully in advance. You would not want to wait in line to get registered or to risk missing a vehicle that you are interested in because of misjudging the amount of time it takes to reach the venue. You should give yourself enough time to check the cars which are on your shortlist. Sometimes, it is possible to ask the existing owner questions and you would want to take full advantage of this opportunity.


Buying a car at a public auto auction near Milwaukee, WI can be a simple, quick and hassle-free experience for you provided that you are properly prepared for it.