The Best Ways to Bid at Car Auctions in Kenosha, WI


There are real bargains at wholesale prices at car auctions in Kenosha, WI and there is naturally high competition for them. How can you beat everyone else and buy the car that you want? One of the key things is to have a solid bidding strategy. Use the methods shared below to build one and achieve success. Buying a car at an auto auction in Kenosha doesn’t have to be difficult.


1. Basing Bids on Knowledge


The main question which all novices ask is: how do you know what bid to place on a car? To answer this question, you will need solid preparation. All car auctions in Kenosha, WI have listings which are usually put together in a catalogue. Check them out and determine which vehicles match your needs and requirements. Then research their market prices. You can readily get all the information which you need online. Your goal at the auction will be to secure a wholesale price which is lower than the market one.


The wholesale price that you will pay for a car in Kenosha, WI should naturally be below your budget too. It is perfectly fine if it is tight. After all, cars offered at car auctions in Kenosha, WI cost much less. Still, you must have proof of the funds to participate so make sure that you will get your finances in order. If you need to take out a loan, secure it in advance. Don’t forget that you will have to cover the extra expenses associated with the purchase such as taxes.


The inspection of the cars that you consider bidding on will give you an idea of your upper bidding limit. It makes sense to have higher bids for a car which is in practically perfect condition. It’s a good idea to create some kind of grading system for the vehicles so that you can set your bids accordingly. This may seem a big complex, but you need to be smart and well-prepared when participating in car auctions in Kenosha, WI.


2. Getting a Strategic Position


This is probably the easiest thing which you have to do, but it’s incredibly important for doing well at the auction. Make sure that you arrive early so that you have enough time to inspect the vehicles. When at the auction lane, choose a spot where you can easily hear the auctioneer from. While there’s a sound system there is typically also a lot of noise at car auctions in Kenosha, WI. You should also try to be close to one of the ring men who assist the auctioneer. This is the best way to ensure that your bid will be acknowledged even if you are not particularly loud or tall.


3. Staying Focused and Confident 


This is not as easy as you might think given that at car auctions in Kenosha, WI you compete against other buyers who may be even more eager to score a bargain than you are. The best approach is to stick to the numbers that you’ve outlined in advance. Make sure that you set a bid ceiling that you should not go beyond. This will help you to keep focused.


You should not hurry to place the first bid unless no one else is starting and you risk seeing the car just being taken away and left for another auction. When there is a bidding war, you will be wise to stay out of it. Similarly, you can try to outbid someone who’s really passionate about the particular car, but do it reasonably based on your initial calculations.


You are now better prepared to bid at car auctions in Kenosha, WI and score awesome deals.