How Car Donation Auctions in Gurnee, IL Can Help You Buy an Affordable Car


People opt for car donation in Gurnee, IL is to help those who are less fortunate than themselves. This can also give them considerable tax credit too. But why is this important to car buyers? Charities don’t normally keep the vehicles donated to them as they need money rather than transportation and eventually sell them. Find out how you can buy a donated car at a wholesale price in Gurnee, IL.


How Donated Cars Are Sold


The donated vehicles are typically auctioned. It is less common for charities to sell those cars directly to individuals because this would require a good amount of time and effort and they have more important things to do. At car auctions in Gurnee everything is well-organized and the sales go smoothly. While buying a vehicle at an auction is quite different compared to negotiating directly with the dealer, you will discover that you can get a terrific car at a wholesale price which is way lower than the market one. The tips shared here will help you with this if you decide to take advantage of car donation in Gurnee, IL.


Finding Car Auctions


Charities accepting car donation in Gurnee, IL usually sell the vehicles which they receive at public auctions which everyone can participate in. It’s less common for the cars to be sold at auto auctions organized for dealers only. Given the public nature of the events, they are announced well in advance with the purpose of gathering a sufficiently large crowd. You can easily find information on upcoming auto auctions in the local area online. To ensure that you won’t miss out on such an event, you can choose to receive notifications.


Advance Car Research


The list of donated cars to be auctioned could be long or short, but you will find it easier to go through it when you have a clear set of requirements. Try to cover the most important things such as the type, number of seats, overall performance on the road, safety features and fuel economy in the city and on the highway. It makes sense to be flexible when it comes to wants rather than needs. This will help you pinpoint vehicles which could be ideal for you. With careful evaluation, you will make the most out of car donation in Gurnee, IL.


The Best Way to Prepare


You should set up a budget to have a clear idea of the maximum amount of money that you can afford to spend on a donated car. If you will need financing, make sure that you will get approved for a car loan in Gurnee, IL before you attend the event as showing proof that you have the money lined up is a condition for participating.


You should also plan things in advance to arrive early as this will give you the opportunity to inspect the cars which you are interested in. You should know that when it comes to car donation in Gurnee, IL, most vehicles are in very good shape and no more than a decade old. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should bid on one without assessing it first.


Winning the Bidding


You should set up a maximum bid depending on your budget, initial market research and evaluation of the vehicle itself. You decide when you enter the bidding, but it’s always wise to get an idea of how it develops in the first place. If no one makes a bid, however, you may want to start as otherwise the auctioneer will move on to the next vehicle sold by a charity specialized in car donation in Gurnee, IL.


You should not miss out on the opportunity to buy a great donated vehicle at a wholesale price at an auction. Take full advantage of car donation in Gurnee, IL.