How You Can Save when You Donate Your Car to Charity in Waukegan, IL


It’s noble to donate your car to charity in Waukegan, IL. It’s easy to find a charity that will gladly take your car. It could be a local one or a national one with presence in the area. In addition to being a very kind gesture, this could also help you save money in more ways than one. Find out how this could work out.


Initial Savings

Ford Explorer that was donated to charity

When you donate your car to charity in Waukegan, IL, your tax return will be lower. Just make sure that the charity is actually on the list of exempt organizations of the IRS. The list is readily available online. To determine how much you can save exactly, you have to do the math, taking into account the rules that apply and the fair market value of your vehicle. If you find this to be complex, you can ask your accountant for help.


There are different arrangements which you can make with the charity for car donation in Waukegan, IL. The organizations that traditionally accept vehicles will usually take care of the towing so you can just fill out the paperwork and that’s it. If you choose a charity which doesn’t have this kind of arrangement, you may have to drive the vehicle to them. In general, it’s easy to plan the whole thing. It should take you no more than a few hours to donate your car to charity in Waukegan, IL.


More Ways to Save


Most charities that accept donations in the form of vehicles sell them at auto auctions to get cash which they usually need more. It is less common for them to keep the car and use it. Given this, you must keep in mind that you may be required to use the actual sales price for calculating the tax credit when you donate your car to charity in Waukegan, IL. Again, it’s best to check with the person who prepares your tax return just to be on the safe side.


Have you ever thought about exploiting the opportunity to buy a used car donated to charity at an auto auction in Waukegan? You may find a vehicle that could be ideal for you and buy it at a wholesale price. This is a great way to keep your spending down after you’ve donated your own car. Get more details on this opportunity to get a clear idea of what advantages it has to offer.


Buying a Donated Car


You can be certain that when you donate your car to charity in Waukegan, IL there will be a lot of other people doing the same thing. The donated cars are usually in good shape and no older than ten years old. In fact, some models could be just four or five years old. Furthermore, the diversity of donated cars is usually very large so you can easily find the right match for you.


Buying a car at an auction is somewhat different compared to a regular purchase at a dealership in Waukegan, IL. It’s easy to find information about upcoming auctions online. The most important thing is to arrive early and to have proof that you have the funds to pay for the purchase, if your bid wins. In this case, you should have enough time to explore the vehicles on offer and to evaluate them in detail. You can rely on a more experienced person to help you with this. It’s surely simple to donate your car to charity in Waukegan, IL, but participating in an auto auction can be very good for your wallet.


When it comes to bidding, you must have a fixed ceiling and focus on getting the best value for money rather than beating your competitors. This is a great way to save money no matter whether you donate your car to charity in Waukegan, IL or not.