How to Find and Take Advantage of Car Donation Auctions in Illinois

Some of the best opportunities to buy vehicles at wholesale prices are at car donation auctions in Illinois. While they are public, most people know little about them. It’s much easier to go straight to the dealership at a time which is convenient for you and pick a car that matches your needs and budget. Still, if you choose the auction alternative, you can save big time. If you are prepared to get a great car with minimal spending, make full use of the tips shared here.

Watch Out for Announcements

All car donation auctions in Illinois are open to the public to gather the largest possible number of bidders. Given their public nature, you can expect them to be announced well in advance. In fact, some are advertised. The best place to find information on such auto auctions in Illinois is, of course, the web.

The websites which post the announcements usually give you the option to sign up for notifications. This will eliminate the need to check every day. More importantly, you will be among the first to find out about an upcoming auction and this will give you a small, but valuable advantage over other bidders. In general, you should be open even to car donation auctions in Illinois which are not particularly close to you, especially if they have some incredibly attractive vehicles at wholesale prices on offer.

Do Research in Advance

The list of donated vehicles that will be auctioned is available in advance, so you should check it out straight away. Make sure that you have a list with requirements that you can use to identify the ones which suit you best. One particularly important tip here is that you should be flexible and keep an open mind. This is because you never know what kinds of vehicles will be offered at car donation auctions in Illinois. Sometimes, you can find a real gem, while in other cases, you may have to make a compromise or two regarding the car’s features. If you want a particular model from a particular year, you’d better go for a traditional deal at the dealership.

One of the major reasons why car donation auctions in Illinois are so popular is that most vehicles are in great condition. Besides, you can expect them to have been used for less than ten or sometimes even five years. This is because it is usually wealthy people who want to upgrade to the latest model quickly that donate cars to charities. All these factors are in your favor as a car buyer in Illinois, but you have to keep the competition in mind too.

Plan Ahead of the Auction

The financial planning comes first. To participate in car donation auctions in Illinois, prospective buyers must present proof that they have the money to make a purchase. Unless you have sufficient savings, you should make arrangements to take out a car loan. You can choose from a variety of loans including ones designed especially for people with bad credit.

The early birds at donated car auctions in Illinois have some of the best chances of going home with the vehicle that they want. The early arrival usually eliminates waiting in line to get in and gives you more time to inspect the vehicles that you consider bidding on. When planning your trip to the auction venue, it makes sense to assume the worst possible traffic conditions to minimize the chance of being late. This is especially the case if you don’t live close to the particular place.

Finally, the best way to win a bid at car donation auctions in Illinois is to keep cool and focused.

A donated Hyundai to be auctioned