Save Big At The Vehicle Auction, But Follow These Tips…


It’s natural for you to be excited about going to an auto auction near Racine, WI. This is a great opportunity to buy one or more great cars at wholesale prices and you should not miss to seize it. At the same time, bidding is not as straightforward as the direct purchase of a vehicle from a car dealership in Racine, WI. You will need a strategy to guide you and to help you avoid acting impulsively which is fairly common at auctions. Check out the major factors to base your strategy on.

used truck at an auto auction

Establish a Price Ceiling Before Bidding


This is the maximum bid that you can place on a car at an auto auction near Racine, WI. Why should determining it be the first step in building your strategy? It has to do with budgeting. You should come up with your highest possible bid based on how much you can afford to spend on a vehicle minus the costs associated with the purchase. The main types of costs that you need to add together include fees, taxes and car transportation expenses.


Having a price ceiling will help you feel more comfortable and more confident about bidding. It’s like having a direction to follow. This is extremely valuable given the fact that an auto auction near Racine, WI is always an extremely busy and dynamic event. Most auctions attract buyers not only from the city, but from the entire local area including Milwaukee.


Using a Shortlist as a Car Auction Tool


This is one of the most valuable tools for every participant in an auto auction near Racine, WI. You can expect a larger number of cars to be offered at the event, but it’s not rational to bid on many. In fact, it is best to make your shortlist as short as possible. Start by checking the auction catalogue and evaluate the specs and performance of the vehicles in it based on your individual needs and requirements. There are plenty of online guides and reviews that you can use to make the right choices even before you go to the event offering cars at wholesale prices in Racine, WI.


Vehicle Examination Prior to Bidding


Arrive early to the auto auction near Racine, WI so that you can examine each and every car on your shortlist. It makes sense to bring someone who understands vehicles as a helper. Remember that you won’t be able to test drive your preferred cars so you must make the most out of visual inspection. Look closely at the shape of the walls, ceilings and doors. Pay attention to the paint too. The vehicle’s alignment, wheels and tires can tell you a lot about its condition too. One of the easiest ways to evaluate the engine is to listen to it. Smokes and leakages are bad signs which you must never ignore.


If you have the opportunity to ask questions about a car that you have interest in, you should not hesitate to exploit it. You should try to learn as much as possible about the vehicle’s history and condition before you confirm that it will be good for driving on the streets of Racine. Ideally, you will get straightforward answers with a good amount of detail. If you are not sure that you will remember everything, keep notes.


Focused Bidding at a Racine Public Auto Auction


When you bid for a vehicle at an auto auction near Racine, WI, you should find a place close to the auctioneer or his/her helpers to ensure that you will be seen and heard when making a bid. Another key thing is to pay attention only to what the auctioneer says. The professional will announce every bid so you should not get distracted by your competitors shouting from all sides.


Build a strong strategy for your participation in the next auto auction near Racine, WI to get the ideal car for you.