5 Tips on Buying a Vehicle at a Charity Cars Auction in Northbrook, IL


If you want to take advantage of vehicles at wholesale prices, then you should look for a charity cars auction in Northbrook, IL. There are many charities that accept vehicles and then sell them through auctions to fund their activities. Even when there is great interest in the cars, their price usually stays below their market value. The best part is that most donated vehicles are not very old and come in great shape. How do you grab such a bargain when you plan to buy a used car in Northbrook, IL? Here is some essential advice to help you with this.


1. Check the auction requirements.


Sometimes the charities want to sell the cars donated to them only to the people who are most in need. That is why they may set some requirements for buyers. The most common ones include having income below the poverty line and/or having children. Still, in many cases the charity cars auction in Northbrook, IL is open to all members of the public. You should keep an eye on the announcements which are made online and check the conditions for participation right away.


2. Go over the listings.


Now that you’ve found a charity cars auction in Northbrook, IL that will take place shortly, you should check the vehicles on offer. Go over the list of models to determine which one could suit your needs best. Since the donated cars are quite diverse, you can expect to find at least one that is right for you. Go over online reviews of the model to confirm that you are on the right track.

Don’t forget to check estimates of the vehicle’s price given its model and year of manufacturing. You should use these to set a maximum bid for the car. This will help you to stay calm and focused and get the vehicle at the best price.


3. Plan your budget.


While the wholesale prices of cars sold at auto auctions in Northbrook are much lower than what you’d expect in the “regular” market, they are not sold for a few dollars. You should determine how much you can afford to spend based on your monthly income and spending, savings and opportunities for getting a car loan. You will need proof of funds to take part in the charity cars auction in Northbrook, IL.


4. Allow enough time for inspection.


The most experienced buyers arrive early to examine the donated vehicles in detail. You should inspect carefully the car which you are interested in, looking under the chassis and the hood. Check if the tires are even. Examine the interior closely too. You can take a friend who knows more about cars than you to the charity cars auction in Northbrook, IL to help you with the evaluation process. Based on the assessment, your budget and the market research you’ve done, you can determine a final bid ceiling that you should not go above.


5. Bid calmly and confidently.


You should find a place close to the auctioneer or one of the ring men at the charity cars auction in Northbrook, IL as this will help you to ensure that you will be heard when you place a bid. While the auctioneer speaks very quickly, you should try to follow what he says. Remember that if you get confused, you can ask him to repeat what he has said. It’s not against the rules. You don’t have to follow what the other bidders say as the auctioneer will acknowledge every bid.

When you bid at the charity cars auction in Northbrook, IL, your goal should be to get the vehicle that you want at the best wholesale price and not to simply win.