There are some amazing deals to be had at public car auctions in Chicago. But… You need to know how to find them…


Some of the best vehicles that you can find at a local public auto auction in Chicago have been donated to charities. These organizations usually sell them in order to get money which they need for funding their activities. Since they are not dealers and don’t want to handle the process associated with the sale, they arrange for the vehicles to be sold at auctions. These events are typically public so you can participate and make the most out of them. Here are some essential tips on how to buy a donated car at a wholesale price in Chicago.


Focus on your requirements and budget first

At a local car auction in Chicago

The point of buying a donated vehicle at a local public auto auction in Chicago is not simply to get the lowest price, but to get a car which gives you the best value for money and which you can use conveniently for as long as you’d like. That is why you should focus on your needs first. It’s a good idea to prepare a list of requirements in which they are ordered in terms of importance. Then you just need to apply the criteria to the vehicles which will be offered at the auction and pinpoint the best matches.


When it comes to budgeting, you should check your savings in the first place. The donated cars offered at the typical local public auto auction in Chicago are more than affordable so you may not need financing at all. If you do, you must secure a loan in advance. All kinds of loans including bad credit ones are readily available in Chicago, IL.


Do extensive market research


Your job doesn’t end with determining which vehicles to bid on. Since you want to get the best wholesale price, you should get an idea of how much they sell in the market. Given that they are used, there are several factors that affect their market price. These include the model, manufacturer, year of production and the overall condition. Note down the prices that take the list with you to the local public auto auction in Chicago so that you can determine a clear upper limit to your bids on each car.


Plan the vehicle inspection


It’s a fact that the donated cars are some of the best ones at every auction. They are usually in great condition as they have received proper care from their owners. They are also not particularly old. Most don’t exceed ten years of age. While these facts are encouraging, this doesn’t mean that you can’t skip the inspection. To ensure that you will check carefully and in detail each vehicle that you are interested in, you should go to the local public auto auction in Chicago as early as possible. You wouldn’t want to wait in a line to complete the paperwork and enter a venue. It’s an excellent idea to bring a second “inspector” along.


Come up with a tactic for bidding


Setting an upper limit to the bids is practically the foundation of your tactic. From then on, you should consider the different scenarios. If no one is placing an initial bid, you can wait for the auctioneer to lower the price, but don’t overdo it as the car will simple be removed and you’ll lose a chance to buy it this time around. If a bidding war starts at the local public auto auction in Chicago, you should try to stay out of it. Remember that sometimes, giving up is better than placing the winning bid. The key thing is to get the vehicle that you want at an affordable price.

Keep an eye on the announcements and take part in the next local public auto auction in Chicago where donated vehicles will be sold.