4 Serious Mistakes to Avoid at a Public Auto Auction in Highland, IN

When you have a limited budget, it makes sense to buy a car at a wholesale price at a public auto auction in Highland, IN. However, the process is very different compared to what you’d normally experience when you go to the dealership. There is no one-on-one meeting and you won’t get all the attention. What’s more, you will be in competition for the vehicle with a considerable number of people. Given all this, mistakes are not uncommon. Learn how to avoid the major ones.

  1. Missing to do market research

The wholesale prices which the cars at the public auto auction in Highland, IN are offered at are way below the market ones. However, if there are a lot of bidders who are eager to buy a particular vehicle they can easily push it up over this virtual limit. If you want to be successful at the auction, you should try not to bid above the car’s market value, unless it is worth more to you personally. This explains why doing market research in advance is so important.

Find out what price the car which you are interested in will usually be sold at given its model and year of manufacturing and try not to bid above this limit. In case this limit is higher than your budget, you should use the latter figure as a maximum cap.

  1. Perceiving the auction as a leisurely event

When you participate in a public auto auction in Highland, IN, you should view it as doing business because this is exactly what it is. You should not bring your partner or a friend just to have fun, unless he or she will help you with the car inspection. Similarly, you should avoid getting drinks at the bar before, during or after the auction. Remember that it is not about trying your luck, but about getting the car that you want to drive around Highland at the best possible price. To achieve this, make sure that you will arrive early to sign up and inspect the vehicles.

  1. Running a superficial inspection

It is certainly not sufficient to look at a used car only from the outside, especially given the fact that you cannot take it for a drive when it is sold at an auction. You should make the check of the vehicle as thorough as possible. It’s a good idea to prepare a list of the features that deserve your attention to avoid missing something important. Additionally, you should try to bring someone who knows more about cars than you at the public auto auction in Highland, IN to help you with the inspection.

  1. Getting distracted during the bidding

While you’d expect participants to be quiet, this is not always the case at a public auto auction in Highland, IN. There could even be people trying in inspect a car as it’s auctioned because they’ve arrived late. It’s easy to get confused in an atmosphere like this, especially if you live in a quiet place like Highland, IN. To avoid this mistake, you should try to clear your mind and focus on what’s most important – what the auctioneer says. He will speak fast, so you will need great concentration to follow the bidding.

When it comes to reactions, you will not have lots of time to react to a bid at the public auto auction in Highland, IN. This doesn’t mean that you should hurry and not think things through, however. The best thing to do is to stick to the upper bidding limit that you’ve set for each of the cars that have caught your eye.

You should know that you don’t have to be experienced, but focused to buy a fabulous car at a wholesale price at a public auto auction in Highland, IN.

An Isuzu Rodeo ready for the public auction