Here Are Some Secrets To Save Big When You Bid…


Vehicle buyers love wholesale car auctions Waukegan, IL because of the excellent opportunities to score a fantastic bargain. However, you should not assume that these opportunities will be served on a platter for you. The competition is considerable and you should know how to beat it. Check out the following essentials for success. They will all come in handy when you go to an auto auction in the Waukegan area.


1. Know the Market


The wholesale prices which the vehicles are sold at are naturally below the market ones. You’d want to know how much lower they are to pinpoint the best bargains at the wholesale car auctions Waukegan, IL. For this, you need to research the local market prices. You can easily find useful information online. Don’t hesitate to devote more time to the research and to dig deeper as this will help you to become a lot more competitive. At the same time, you would want to focus only on the auctioned cars in Waukegan, IL that actually meet your individual requirements and budget. You wouldn’t want to buy a car which won’t be of much use to you or which is generally a steal, but is, in fact, way above your budget.


2. Be There Early


This is the simplest rule to keep when attending wholesale car auctions Waukegan, IL, but many people fail to do so. Why is the early arrival so important? Firstly, you will avoid standing in line to get signed up. This naturally isn’t the quickest process given that there is paperwork involved. Secondly, and most importantly, an early arrival gives you the maximum possible amount of time to examine the cars which you are interested in. You would not want to rush this part. Thirdly, since there is a schedule for the auctioning of the vehicles, you risk missing the bidding on a favorite, if you show up late.


3. Get Reliable Help


People who go to wholesale car auctions Waukegan, IL are naturally excited about the purchase of a car at a lower price than the market one. In some cases, the excitement can get a bit overwhelming. To avoid this, you should bring a reliable helper alone. In the best-case scenario, this should be a person who knows a lot about cars and who is calm and composed at the same time. The role of this person will be to keep you down to earth and to spot things that have somehow escaped your attention.


4. Secure a Nice Spot


It actually matters where you stand in the crowd exactly. The ideal position will be close to the auctioneer or to one of the ring men who are responsible for noting the bids and for assisting bidders. Auctioneers at wholesale car auctions Waukegan, IL naturally speak very fast, but you should try to keep track. You should not hesitate to ask the auctioneer to repeat the last accepted bid if he has not pronounced it clearly.


5. Don’t Get Carried Away


You can feel the tension in the room with a number of bidders trying to win the “prize” that you are aiming for. Your deepest desire is to beat them all and you are prepared to do anything to get where you want to be. Is this the point of participating in wholesale car auctions Waukegan, IL? It is not. Your goal is to get the best bargain on the car that you want. Bid smartly by offering a price which isn’t a lot higher than the previous bid. Set a ceiling that you must nog to above under any circumstances.


You are now prepared to get the best deal at any of the wholesale car auctions Waukegan, IL.