Thousands of Vehicles Are Up For Auction Every Week In Chicago. Here’s How To Find The Best…


If you want to buy a car at a wholesale price, then you must attend the next public auto auction in Chicago, IL, no matter whether it is in your area or somewhere further away. There are some amazing bargains out there that you would not want to miss out on. At the same time, bidding at an auction is not the same thing as buying a car from a Chicago auto dealer the traditional way. You will need proper preparation to get a great bargain. Follow a set of five essential steps to achieve success.

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1. Organize Your Finances   


If you have cash to spend on a cheap car that would be great, but if this isn’t the case, you must obtain financing. Remember that participating at a public auto auction in Chicago, IL is possibly after showing proof that you have the means to purchase a vehicle. There are all sorts of car loans that you can take advantage of. It may sound surprising, but it is not that difficult to secure financing even for bad credit in Chicago, IL.


When you prepare your budget, you must account for all expenses associated with the purchase such as fees, taxes and possibly insurance and shipping. It’s a mistake to leave these out of the equation as this can easily hurt your bidding and may get you into more serious trouble. After all, the point of buying a car at a public auto auction in Chicago, IL is to get it cheap.


2. Shortlist Vehicles


Apply the criteria for selecting a car that you have outlined in advance. Remember to be practical and not romantic. While the selection does not necessarily have to be small, you have to keep in mind the fact that you will have to examine all vehicles that you are interested in before you bid. You would not want to have too much on your plate as you can miss out on a bargain at the public auto auction in Chicago, IL.


3. Check Market Prices


Since your goal is to buy a car at a wholesale price, it makes sense to research the market prices of the vehicles that you are interested in. This is not hard at all given that you have access to all sorts of listings and guides on the web. It may be obvious, but it is worth noting that you should focus on car prices in the Chicago area as there could be considerable variations between different locations.


4. Run Inspections


You should arrive at the public auto auction in Chicago, IL early and check carefully the cars that you are interested in. The inspection should be as thorough as possible so that you can evaluate the condition of each vehicle with maximum precision. This will help you set up a bid ceiling for it, provided that you still want to bid on it, of course. Naturally, this ceiling should not be above the market price and above your budget too.


5. Bid Confidently


You should definitely not hurry into bidding, but think before you act. Still, you would want to be heard when placing a bid. Focusing on the auctioneer and standing close to one of the ring men will help you a great deal. Another key thing is not to follow the crowd at the public auto auction in Chicago, IL. Keep your price ceiling and the vehicle assessment that you have just made in mind and act accordingly.


It’s now time to begin your preparation for the big day. Plan things so that you can arrive to the public auto auction in Chicago, IL as early as possible.