5 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Car at a Public Auto Auction in Kenosha, WI


You can expect many car buyers to flock to a public auto auction in Kenosha, WI. Unlike the traditional ones organized only for dealers, the public auctions are open to everyone without exception. Many people prefer this option because of the opportunity to buy cars at wholesale prices in Kenosha. The enthusiasm can easily take over and this may cause buyers to make mistakes. Check out some of the most common ones and learn how to avoid them.


Poor Budgeting


You will have to secure a car loan before you bid at a public auto auction in Kenosha, WI, unless you have saved enough money to pay for your new purchase directly. When deciding on how much to borrow or preparing your budget based on your savings, you have to take into account the fees and taxes associated with the purchase. It is worth noting that many lenders require the purchase of car insurance, usually collision or comprehensive coverage or both, so you should not forget to add this cost too. When you have a clear idea of all expenses that you will incur when buying a car at an auction in Kenosha, WI, you can bid more confidently and get the best bargain out there.


Treating the Auction as a Casual Event


It’s a huge mistake to compare a public auto auction in Kenosha, WI to window shopping. Even though you may end up without making a bid, buying a car at an auction is a serious business deal and you should approach it in this way. You have a limited time for inspecting all cars that you are interested in and for making a purchase decision. This is a whole lot different from a regular car purchase at a dealership in Kenosha when you have time to drive around and discuss things with your family before you make a choice. The best way to go is to take a helper who knows a lot about cars with you and will be focused on evaluating the vehicles that you consider and not on having fun.


Arriving Late


At a public auto auction in Kenosha, WI, cars are presented in order so if you arrive late, you risk missing not only to inspect the vehicles that you have shortlisted, but to bid for them too. Naturally, this will ruin the whole point of going to the event. Your best bet is to arrive as early as possible. This will give you sufficient time to assess the condition of each car that you consider buying.


Going for Looks


It’s easy to be dazzled by a luxury sports car which sells well below its market value, but if this is not what you are looking for, you should keep a cool head and focus on the vehicles that match your needs. Similarly, it’s great when a car at a public auto auction in Kenosha, WI looks perfect on the inside and out, but you should go one step further and look under the chassis. If possible, you may want to pull out the oil and transmission fluid dipsticks to confirm that the liquid in them is clear.


Rushing to Make a Decision


This is a common novice mistake given the fast pace of car auctions. To avoid it, you should set a maximum bidding limit based on your budget before you go to the public auto auction in Kenosha, WI and focus on what’s really – important getting the best value for money. If you feel pushed to make a choice, just pause for a second, weigh the pros and cons quickly and then do it.

You know have the highest chances of buying the ideal car at a public auto auction in Kenosha, WI.