Follow These Bidding Tips To Win Big At The Public Car Auction


You are about to participate in a public auto auction Kenosha, WI and you are wondering what the best way to go about it is. You will benefit from having a tactic, especially given the fact that numerous other buyers will be competing with you to get their dream cars at wholesale prices. Bidding is much different than negotiating the price with the car dealer in Kenosha, WI. Here is how to prepare for it properly to get the best chances of success.

RAM truck for auction

Set Two Important Monetary Limits


The first limit to set is the market value of the car which you will bid for at the public auto auction Kenosha, WI. This number is quite challenging to calculate given that not only the specs of the model itself, but also the rarity and the specific age and condition of the actual vehicle should be taken into account. Still, you should use all available tools and resources to come up with this number as it will help you to secure the best possible deal.


The second limit is naturally your budget. You can calculate the top bid that you can afford to place given the amount of money which you can afford to spend and the costs associated with the purchase which you will have to include. Just subtract the second number from the first one. Perhaps the most important rule to follow at a public auto auction Kenosha, WI is to never place a bid above the top one which you have set in advance.


Practicing The Auto Auction Process in Kenosha


When you make a bid at the public auto auction in Kenosha, WI, you need to raise your bid card or paddle and say the bid amount with a loud and clear voice. While you can expect the event itself to be noisy and dynamic, it is still extremely beneficial to practice the things which you will need to do there at home. It will give you a good sense of routine so that you can keep track of the actual numbers when you are bidding in reality. You may want to attend one or two car auctions in Kenosha before you start bidding to get a feel of the atmosphere.


Examine the Pre-Owned Cars in Advance


It’s irrational to be like one of those auction participants who rush to the check the vehicles at the time of bidding. This is just going to distract you and confuse you. By examining the cars which you are interested in before the bidding begins you will have the chance to narrow down your shortlist even further and to be confident when trying to beat competitors at the public auto auction Kenosha, WI.


Get a Strategic Position at the Auction


You should try to find a place close to the auctioneer and preferably right next to one of the ring men. This will help you to ensure that you will be seen and heard when placing a bid. The other key thing is to keep track only of what the auctioneer is saying. Don’t get distracted by the actions of the other bidders.


Approach Bidding Strategically


The best tactic depends on the situation. If there isn’t a great competition, you can readily place bids which are just slightly higher than those of your competitors for the specific vehicle at the public auto auction Kenosha, WI. This will help to keep the price down. If a bidding war between two or more buyers breaks out, you will benefit from staying out of it. Just keep track of their bids. This will give you the opportunity to step in with a higher bid once the fighting parties calm down a bit, provided that you can still afford to purchase the car.


You are now well prepared to bid for a car at a public auto auction Kenosha, WI.