Be Aware And Don’t Step In These Auction Pitfalls


If you want to buy a vehicle at wholesale price, one of the best ways to do it is to participate in a used car auction in Milwaukee, WI. Events which are open to the general public are held quite often and anyone can attend. Many bidders are quite experienced, but the number of novices is constantly growing primarily due to the attractive prices of the auction cars for sale in Milwaukee.


As a beginner, you will benefit a great deal from solid preparation. Part of it is to be well aware of the mistakes which you can make and of the ways to avoid them. Let’s take a closer look at them.


vehicle at a public auto auction

Failing to Read the Auto Auction Policy


You should have a clear idea of the terms and conditions of the used car auction Milwaukee, WI that you will take part in. You can expect the policy to contain information on how the bidding is organized and what happens after you’ve placed a winning bid. Many beginners miss to read it and this can lead to serious confusion. Since every public auto auction is different, it’s mandatory for all participants to familiarize themselves with it. Don’t make a rookie mistake which can prevent you from getting the ideal car for you at a wholesale price.


Taking Your Family with You to the Auction


Bidding at a used car auction near Milwaukee, WI is not the same as buying a vehicle from a seller. If you have your partner and possibly the kids with you, they can only distract you from the work which you have to do and it is a lot. Your best bet is to take someone who knows used cars well and can assess their condition even without taking a test drive.


Checking Only the Vehicle’s Exterior  


The smoothness of the surfaces and the condition of the paint and the locks are important things to evaluate when examining a vehicle at a used car auction Milwaukee, WI, but you must dig deeper so to speak. You should open and close all doors and the trunk. Inspect all features inside the car visually and don’t forget to use your other senses too. A few stains don’t pose that big of a problem, but a musty smell revealing the presence of mold is a whole different story.


You should look closely at the components under the hood and ensure that they are in the best possible shape given the car’s age and mileage. If you can start the engine, this would be great. Make sure to listen to the sound it makes attentively.


Being a Shy Bidder


While it’s never a good idea to push your way through the crowd, staying on the sides could be equally bad when your goal is to get a car at a fantastic price to drive in Milwaukee, WI. The ideal spot is close to the auctioneer or at least to one of the ring men. This will give you greater visibility. When you have to make a bid, be loud and clear when saying the number and remember to raise your bid card.


Entering a Bidding War


You absolutely love a car which is auctioned and you are prepared to do anything to get it. The other bidders are equally eager to win the prize so everyone keeps bidding higher and higher. In such cases, the vehicle’s price at the used car auction Milwaukee, WI can even go beyond its market value. The reality is that you would not want to spend more than what you can afford. Set a fixed maximum bid and don’t go over it. Remember that you can get the best price only with discipline.


Avoid these mistakes when you go to a used car auction in Milwaukee, WI and you’ll have the best chances of success.