How to Buy Charity Cars in Chicago in 5 Steps

Everyone wants to buy charity cars in Chicago when they hear about the super attractive wholesale prices. What’s more, these vehicles are usually in great shape and aren’t very old. In fact, many are no older than four or five years. The question is how to buy a donated car in Chicago. These vehicles are sold at auctions, so you will need a special tactic. Here are the major steps which you need to take.

  1. Find an auction

The auctions which donated vehicles are sold at are public, meaning they are announced and even advertised in advance. This is naturally fantastic news when you want to buy charity cars in Chicago. The best way to learn about an upcoming auction as early as possible is to sign up for receiving notifications. It’s up to you to decide whether you will focus your attention only on Chicago or on the city and the surrounding area. The latter option will present more opportunities, buy you will have to travel a bit longer.

  1. Shortlist vehicles

Theoretically, you can build on all donated vehicles sold at the auction, but this is not practical. To decide which cars you will bid on, you should consider your needs, requirements and budget. One key thing is to be disciplined, however. When you plan to buy charity cars in Chicago, it’s normal to get “seduced” by sexy sports cars at wholesale prices, but if this is not what you actually need, you should try to stay down to earth.

  1. Secure the funds

To participate at an auto auction in Chicago, you should present proof that you have the money to pay for the vehicle if you win the bid. While the wholesale prices are traditionally much lower than the market ones, the vehicles are not sold for a few dollars. That is why you should check your savings and decide what portion of this money you can allocate to the purchase of a vehicle. If you need financing, you should get approved for a car loan. It is perfectly possible to get a bad credit auto loan to buy charity cars in Chicago. 

a gold Lexus donated to charity for auction

  1. Run an inspection

At an auction, you don’t have all the time in the world to check the cars which you consider buying. There are no test rides around the block either. That is why you should arrive early at the event and run a close inspection in the most effective and efficient way. This is what seasoned buyers do. It’s also a good idea to get a helper who knows a lot about cars and who is very observant.

When you buy charity cars in Chicago, it’s natural to get excited, but you should try to focus on what you are looking at. You should check the vehicle on all sides. Take a look under the chassis and under the hood too. It also makes sense to open and close all doors and the trunk.

  1. Use a bidding strategy

To prepare a working strategy, you need to check the current market prices of the cars that you plan to bid on. Then you should determine the maximum bid for each vehicle based on this number and on your budget. Choose the one which is lower.

Setting up a bidding limit is often easier than sticking to it. It’s common for people who buy charity cars in Chicago to get emotional and to do anything just to win, regardless of how much they will actually pay for the vehicle in the end. The best way to avoid this mistake to is to focus only on your bidding and on what the auctioneer says and not on what your competitors do.

You are now ready to buy charity cars in Chicago.