Don’t Get Caught Making These Auction Mistakes…


You’ve heard that there are cars at wholesale prices at a public car auction Mundelein, IL and you want to make the most out of the available opportunity. How do you do this? For starters, you should avoid the most serious mistakes made by buyers who are attending an auto auction for the first time. Find out what they are and what you need to do to avoid them.


1. Being Unprepared


Buying a car is a serious business, especially when you are going to compete with others at an auction. The first thing which you want to prepare is your budget. You will be required to show proof that you have the money to finance your purchase when you sign up to participate in the public car auction Mundelein, IL.


Calculate how much money that you can afford to spend and how much you have in the bank. If you need to take out a car loan, you need to get the lender’s approval in advance. Check out what’s available in the local area. It should be easy for you to find even bad credit car loans in Mundelein, IL.


The other key factor in the preparation for the public car auction Mundelein, IL is to determine which vehicle or vehicles you will bid on. If you are new to auctions, you may want to keep the list short so that you have enough time to research the cars and then to inspect them when you go to the event.


A key part of the preparation is noting the market prices of the vehicles that you are interested in. For the new cars, this will be most probably be the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For used ones, you will need to dig deeper, but there are plenty of online resources to help you out when you prepare for the public car auction Mundelein, IL.


2. Taking Your Time


Going to an auto auction in Mundelein is not the same as window shopping for cars. The event has a clear schedule and you can rest assured that it’s quite packed. You will not have much time to inspect the cars or to figure out what to do when the bidding begins. That is why the best thing which you can do is to go to the public car auction Mundelein, IL as early as possible and to be well-organized. You may want to come up with a list of things to check during the inspection and tick boxes to see which car meets your requirements best. You will also benefit from taking a helper with you. Ideally, this will be someone who’s knowledgeable and objective.


3. Following the Crowd


There are times when no one hurries to make the first bid on a car and times when buyers are so passionate that bids are being made literally every few seconds. The best thing in either case is to avoid following the crowd. This can easily make you take the wrong move at the public car auction Mundelein, IL. If no one steps up, but you really want the car, don’t hesitate to place the first bid as otherwise the vehicle will be moved and the next one will be auctioned. If the bidding is hectic, don’t try to outplay the other buyers, but to stick to the maximum price which you are prepared to pay. Stay focused and don’t act on impulse.


When you see the announcement for the next public car auction Mundelein, IL, check the catalog to see if there is something of interest to you and make sure that you will go well-prepared.